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Permission Slip


As the parent or guardian of ___________________________ I hereby give my permission for him to participate in an outing with Troop 6.



Time/Place of Departure:

Time/Place of Return

I give permission to the leaders of the above unit to render First Aid should the need arise.  In the event of an emergency, I also give permission to the physician selected by the adult leader in charge to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia, order injection, or secure other medical treatment as needed.  I further agree to hold the above named unit and its leaders blameless for any accidents that might occur during the outing except for clear acts of negligence or non-adherence to BSA policies and guidelins.

In Case of emergency, I can be reached by phone at ___________________________ or ____________________________.  If I cannot be reached, please contact ____________________________ at ____________________________________.

Signed: _______________________________________  Date:________________
                 Parent or guardian